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You have found a forbidden tome...and you dare to look inside?Edit

Images of things beyond what you can perceive with your mortal being flash through your mind like lightning in a storm of thoughts....within the forbidden tome, from the archives of the ancients...knowledge falls to you.

What is Villager's Dream?Edit

Villager's Dream is an ironic name for the game because playing the game is almost insured to bring madness and insanity alongside other players who aim to seek the same thing you do: survival. Despite having a sprinkle of fantasy, horror is one of the central themes of the game. While it is meant to be enjoyable and addicting, it is also meant to make you value your life a bit more when you realize so many things can happen.

In one mode called Dynasty the peasants are ruled under the divisions of royalties. Scattered among the peasants are a fine mix of specialties and fantasies that dwell in their own individual crafts besides peasantry and can perhaps even combat the royalties themselves. The surface of this mode is one of the same as all of the other modes, survival. However, with the King and Queen alive, thirsting, and seeking their taxes off the peasants, survival is not too easy; especially with other "friends" at your side trying to do so as well


In another mode called Empire, the peasants are met under two Kingdoms with each Kingdom having a King and Queen. This mode is the same as Dynasty except in different parts of the world. While the two Kingdoms are connected by a simple road--war, trade, peace, and mockery is sure to occur.

Lastly, Survival. The last mode will be simple. No Kingdoms, no orders, however does include specialties. Build your own empire, build your own dynasty or have a simple life. It's pure survival.

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